RPL Investors, LLC

Investor Application

Investment Interest

Chose which type of investment you are interested in. If you are interested in both, choose both.
Indicate your current interest in each investment strategy. This helps us tailor information and opportunities to your preferences. Syndication means investing in a specific property though direct funding. Timing is important, because we need to move fairly quickly once we find a property worth investing in. We have to put together an investor presentation and gather the funds to close as quickly as possible. This is a one property or multi-properly portfolio deal and it will usually have a timeframe of 3-5 years. Fund-based investment is easier because we have the funds sitting in an account waiting for the perfect investment. We can move quickly and snatch up the best deals. This also means your funds are spread across multiple properties held by a single fund entity. This fund may also have an indefinite timeframe.
Provide an estimate of the amount you're considering for investment. This helps us gauge the scale of opportunities that would suit you.

Investment Experience

Briefly describe any relevant investment experience, particularly if you have previously invested in self-storage, multifamily or other real estate sectors.
Indicate your comfort level with investment risks. Understanding your risk tolerance helps us align opportunities with your investment strategy.
Choose how you would like to be contacted for further discussions and updates.
Feel free to provide any other information or queries specific to self storage investing.