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Capital Raised

    We are involved in buying, developing, and managing multifamily and self-storage properties. We raise funds for these investments by helping busy individuals like you invest your money in tax-advantaged real estate.


    Self-storage stands as a highly resilient and stable investment choice, consistently outperforming numerous other asset classes. It thrives in various economic conditions, including recessions, as the demand for storage increases when individuals downsize or businesses reduce space. This asset class not only offers steady cash flow through regular monthly rentals but also benefits from low overhead and maintenance costs. Enhanced by growing societal trends like urbanization, downsizing among the baby boomer generation, and small business expansion, the demand for self-storage facilities is expected to continue growing for decades to come.


    Multifamily real estate is another key focus, with solid growth projected due to the current affordable housing crisis and limited inventory. Historically, development prioritized mid to high-end single-family homes, leading to a shortfall in affordable housing. With the economy faltering and increasing downsizing, the demand for affordable housing is rising sharply. We target mismanaged C+ to B+ buildings in C and B neighborhoods, offering more affordable units. These properties, requiring some upgrades, present a strong opportunity for growth and stability in the next decade, as the need for affordable housing continues to intensify.

    RPL Capital Ventures Provides Perfomance and Scalability for your Real Estate Investments.

    We will put your money to work in some of the absolute best investment opportunities in real estate. Focused on growth and excellence, we invest in targeted asset classes and focus on maximizing the equity potential and overall value of every investment.

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    Ryan Lopez


    Architect turned real estate investor and developer. With more than 26 years of experience in architecture and 4 years of experience in property development and investing, Ryan brings his expertise to the field of real estate investing. With a team of qualified real estate experts, RPL Capital Ventures is poised to take on 2024 and beyond. We will continue building great relationships, projects, and profits.